Lounge Squatt podcast #016
mix by Unpolished

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1)Tony Rohr & Layton Giordani careless suggestions (original mix)
2)Len Faki BX 3 (original mix)
3)Len Faki Stripped (Original Mix)
4)Peja Rotation and Revolution (Original Mix)
5)Peja Vascular Plants
6)Maxime Dangles Cryptik (Johannes Heil Radiant Remix)
7)Philippe Petit Lost Again (Original Mix)
8)Len Faki, Roman Poncet Asua (Original Mix)
9)Keith Carnal Objective (Joel Mull Stripped remix)
10)Blackasteroid Pressure (Len Faki Re-Pressure Remix)
11)Luis Flores New Flesh
12)Keith Carnal ntuitive
13)Keith Carnal Objective
14)Keith Carnal Analysis
15)Luis Flores Excision
16)Johannes Heil, Len Faki Maniac (Original Mix)
17)Zadig Londinium
18)Oliver Deutschmann Breakdown (Sterac Remix)
19)Marcel Dettmann - Seduction feat. Emika (Anthony Parasole Remix)

UNPOLISHED is a brand new project focusing on techno. This duo smash dance floors with a combination of Digital Scratch technology, creating a perfect mix between a classical Dj set and a computer-based Live set encompassing travelling hypnotic acid & techno beats. Thanks to their attitudes, the duo have dominated the line ups at various different high profile clubs in Italy & residences in Berlin.

Info: unpolishedlive@gmail.com


@unpolished-live www.residentadvisor.net/dj/unpolished dj.beatport.com/unpolishedlive