Lounge Squatt podcast #020
mixed by Nevermind - Italy

download direct • http://tinyurl.com/hslfp2p
play • http://tinyurl.com/jscrdek


Nevermind is a project born from the music passion of 2 friends.
The idea of an imaginary trip while listening their own dj set made them think it was time to express themselves as a single entity.
Their wish is to share their mind trips to every single one whom listening their music, all the rest…nevermind.


1_Nevermind - Dare To Dream
2_Aparde - Erosion (promo) [era free download su soundcloud]
3_Alex Niggemann - Materium (Ripperton Remix)
4_Hunter/Game - Hexagon
5_Foreign Guest - Rek (Raschid Ajami Remix)
6_Fairmont - Lie To Me (John Digweed and Nick Muir Remix )
7_Luca Bacchetti - Amazon
8_The box (trio) - Sketches Of Pain (Jon Charnis Remix)
9_Alex Niggemann - Luminance
10_Hunter/Game - Adaptation

booking : nevermind.djs@gmail.com
sc : @nevermind-italy