A decade into techno & bass music
Dj & live act from Milan (It) based in Berlin (De), owner of Lounge Squatt 

After many years spent in Milan as a promoter, dj and activist living the golden age of the free party and squatting movement with his soundsystem, plus numerous appearences in major clubs accross the north of Italy he moved to Berlin where he set up "Lounge Squatt"; a platform that has been throwing events and parties between the German capital, Italy and the UK since 2011.

With a career that spans over a decade he's had the opportunity to spin in some of hottest venues in Europe as well as sharing the stage with some of finest artists & labels in their respective games.

His Style is mix of bass music & techno. A vinyl lover but also a digital performer. His live act explores deep sonorities and large spaces, somewhere between breakbeat & techno without borders.

His sets have been broadcast right across the globe on the radio, on podcasts and beyond, currently co-hosting a regular radio show on "Sessions Faction Radio".